Stanley Sagov & The Remembering The Future Jazz Band

Featuring: Stanley Sagov, piano, electric keyboards
John Lockwood, acoustic bass
Bob Gullotti, drums
Robert Douglas Gay, alto sax
Mike Peipman, trumpet, digeridoo
Stan Strickland, tenor sax, flute, percussion and vocals
Wannetta Jackson, vocals
Nancy Ostrovsky, live performance art

Celebrate Stanley Sagov's 10th Appearance at Regattabar with a night of hot and cool jazz with keyboardist, composer and physician Dr. Stanley Sagov and his Remembering the Future Jazz Band featuring John Lockwood on acoustic bass, Bob Gullotti on drums, Robert Douglas Gay on alto sax, Mike Peipman on trumpet, Stan Strickland on sax, flute and vocals and Special Guest vocalist, Wannetta Jackson. Not only will the band also be releasing their new CD, Always Remembering the Future, recorded in May this year but on this special night, the band will feature LIVE ART Performances by Nancy Ostrovsky.

Nancy Ostrovsky is a pioneer of performance painting, an art form that has not yet been embraced by galleries and museums but has earned her a dedicated following nonetheless. Just as jazz musicians often go unrecognized, or at least, play on without the distractions of million-dollar-record deals and radio playlists, Ostrovsky has forged her own path in art without worrying about who’s hot and who’s not in the greater art world. Instead, she has spent her life processing her experiences and absorbing influences and putting it all back into her paintings which have only grown more expressive and wise over the course of the past three decades.

Most impressive is Ostrovsky’s development as a performer, which has taken as much strength and control behind the scenes as she embodies on stage. The creation on stage looks entirely spontaneous, but as Nancy always says, “Spur of the moment for me is a lot of work.” She has also become a first-rate performer herself, conscious of how she works the stage and uses the space on the backdrop to capture the audience’s attention. Her output is astounding, creating paintings in her studio even as she continues to pursue her schedule of performances.

Dr. Stanley Sagov & the Always Remembering the Future Jazz Band--that bunch of grizzled jazz veterans who never really grew up and who still love to play jazz, blues and danceable South African tunes love to share that experience in the moment of creation with their fans!

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Stanley Sagov has always been crazy about jazz-based musics. Sagov, who also plays guitar, violin, oboe, bass and drums is known primarily as a keyboardist with extraordinary talents. An award-winning, full-time family practice physician and Harvard Medical School faculty member by day, his evenings and weekends are spent with his jazz, his family and his photography.

After graduating from medical school in South Africa, Dr. Sagov moved to New York City where he had the opportunity to perform with many of his musical heroes . . . among them Booker Ervin, Howard McGhee, Jimmy Garrison, Billy Hart, Elvin Jones, Roland Kirk, Ted Curson, Sheila Jordan, Bob Moses and many other wonderful musicians.

In 1970, he moved to Boston where he attended the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music; he graduated with a degree in jazz piano and oboe. His mentors while at NEC included Jaki Byard, George Russell, Thad Jones, John Lewis, Kenny Dorham, Bob Brookmeyer, Frank Foster, Gerry Mulligan, Cecil McBee, Buell Neidlinger, Tom McKinley and others.

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