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"Fourtunate Action is a remarkably cohesive album, held together by group coaction and feel. A delightful, well-played no-nonsense small combo jazz record."
- S. Victor Aaron Something Else!

Alex Snydman New Trio

Drummer Alex Snydman launched himself onto the modern jazz landscape with his debut album entitled Fortunate Action which released in 2013. Alex explains his inspiration behind the project: "Fortunate Action is a term that to me symbolizes the positive ripples that echo out when we listen to our inner voice. Sometimes this intuition we are all imbued with is telling us to make a difficult decision, but it seems that it is always directing us towards a path of Love." Down Beat Magazine states "Snydman's debut recalls the heartland approach of Brian Blade's Fellowship Band" while All About Jazz declares "Fortunate Action deserves serious attention from critics and fans alike." This sentiment is echoed by EJAZZ NEWS saying "Alex Snydman has offered the listening public a new level of sound, with accolade-blanketed reactions" and Brent Black of Critical Jazz declaring the album as "One of the best for 2013...4.5 Stars...on point in every possible fashion."

Snydman made a surprising yet decisive switch from guitar to drums in 2003. Since that time, he has sought out a veritable who's who of modern jazz to study with. This list includes Eric Harland, Gregory Hutchinson, John Riley, Bob Gullotti, Joe LaBarbera, Damion Reid, and Alan Hall. Snydman's mentor Eric Harland (two-time winner of Down Beat's Rising Star Award) states "Alex really embodies the spirit we call Love. He's proven that it's never too late to pursue your dreams...his dedication and character have always impressed me and he's climbing the ladder fast!" Harland goes on to say that Fortunate Action "has a warmth, thoughtfulness, group vibe, and cohesion that's refreshing...a very emotionally gratifying debut."

Alex has performed at major jazz clubs and festivals on the East and West Coasts as a leader and sideman. He has shared the stage with artists such as Grammy winner Charles Neville, Larry Koonse, Grace Kelly, Avery Sharpe, Joe Sanders, Felipe Salles, Miro Sprague, Tatum Greenblatt, Chris Pattishall, Carl Clements, Geoff Vidal and many more. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Jazz Performance at The California Institute of the Arts, while maintaining a bi-coastal performance schedule. Alex also teaches students of a variety of ages and levels, and finds great joy in aiding in developing their talents. He looks forward to publishing an instructional book geared towards the creative development of jazz vocabulary.

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